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I work at the intersection of technology, business and marketing to create elevated experiences for brands small and large, including my own side projects.
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My best work happens on projects that cross the lines between tech, business and marketing—with the goal of creating meaningful and customer-centric brands without losing business.
🔋 Technology
I build and advice on tech setups that put experience, quality and agility first while utilising the latest and best technologies.
📈 Business
IT and outdated processes should never stand in the way of business goals. I help businesses clean it up and make sure that systems work for, not against, them.
🌈 Marketing
I aim for a unified marketing experience across channels, including IRL—with no data silos, high relevancy and zero compromises in brand values.
I've had the pleasure of working with incredible lifestyle startups, old heavy-weights, and a few in-betweens.
Maria Black Jewellery, Birger Christensen, The Last Conspiracy, Cocoon Tea Artisans, Shelbaya Jewelry, Dear Leader, SIPA Group, J-Craft Boats, Royal Denship, Sparkz and Design by Us.
Side gigs
I work on multiple side gigs. They're either fun challenges or tools to support my daily work. Mostly, they're both.
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