Alexander Bach

I work at the intersection of technology, business, and marketing to create elevated cross-channel experiences for brands and to take them to the next level.

I help organizations transform their business for the digital age. I believe that the future is for brands with strong opinions, a digital-first approach and no compromises in customer experience.

My best work happens on projects that cross the lines between technology, business, and marketing—with the goal of creating thoughtful and customer-centric brands without losing business.

Digital Strategy

I assist brands in building a digital footprint that is meaningful, consistent and with a strong emphasis on experience.

I implement strategy across e-commerce, social and offline with the goal of changing one-way communication between brand and consumer to a conversational, influential and inclusive relationship.


I work with the latest technologies and tools to build landing pages, e-commerce, and web applications.

They typically form around centralized collection and distribution of content and data and have common traits like scalability, ease-of-use, and security.

Apart from building solutions myself, I advise on technical setups that cover the whole business from finance, to sales, marketing, retail and online.

Unified Marketing

I believe that the future lies in hyper-experiential customer experiences pushed forward by a unified marketing experience.

It is an experience that is conversational, highly relevant, personal and with zero compromises in brand values.

Most importantly, it is driven by people - not up-sells, algorithms or huge paid acquisition budgets.


I have been fortunate to work with everything from fashion to finance, start-up to old player.

Maria Black Jewellery, Birger Christensen, Cocoon Tea Artisans, The Last Conspiracy, Dear Leader Sunglasses, J-Craft Boats, Royal Denship, Design by Us, Leowulff, worksleeprepeat, Stæhr A/S.